Book Series

Interview with Tom Sheridan, revised edition of Arizona: A History.


University of Arizona Press (in chronological order)

Ignaz Pfefferkorn. 1989. Sonora: A Description of the Province. Forword by Bernard L.

Carl Lumholtz. 1990. New Trails in Mexico.

Buford Pickens. 1993. The Missions of Northern Sonora: A 1935 Field Documentation.
Gary Paul Nabhan, editor. 1993. Counting Sheep: Twenty Ways of Seeing Desert

Eileen Oktavek. 1995. Answered Prayers: Miracles and Milagros Along the Border.

Curtis M. Hinsley and David R. Wilcox, editors. 1996. Frank Hamilton Cushing and the
Hemenway Southwestern Archaeological Expedition, 1886-1889, volume 1:
The Southwest in the American Imagination: The Writings of Sylvester Baxter, 1881-1899.

Lawrence J. Taylor and Maeve Hickey. 1997. The Road to Mexico.

Donna J. Guy and Thomas E. Sheridan, editors. 1998. Contested Ground: Comparative
Frontiers on the Northern and Southern Edges of the Spanish Empire.

Julian D. Hayden. 1998. The Sierra Pinacate.

Paul S. Martin, David Yetman, Mark Fishbein, Phil Jenkins, Thomas R. Vendevender,
and Rebecca K. Wilson, editors. 1998. Gentry’s Río Mayo Plants: The Tropical
Deciduous Forest and Environs of Northwest Mexico.

W J McGee. 2000. Trails to Tiburón: The 1894 and 1895 Field Diaries of W J McGee,
transcribed by Hazel McFeely Fontana, annotated and with an introduction by
Bernard L. Fontana.

Richard Stephen Felger. 2000. Flora of the Gran Desierto and Río Colorado of
Northwestern Mexico.

Donald Bahr, editor. 2001. O’odham Creation and Related Events.

Dan L. Fischer. 2001. Early Southwest Ornithologists, 1528-1900.

Thomas Bowen. 2002. Backcountry Pilot Flying: Adventures with Ike Russell.

Curtis M. Hinsley and David R. Wilcox. 2002. The Lost Itinerary of Frank
Hamilton Cushing.

Neil Goodwin. 2004. Like a Brother: Grenville Goodwin’s Apache Years, 1928-1939.

David Wentworth Lazaroff, Philip C. Rosen, and Charles H. Lowe, Jr. 2006.
Amphibians, Reptiles, and their Habitats at Sabino Canyon.

Bill Broyles (text), Michael P. Berman (photography). 2006. Sunshot:
Peril and Wonder in the Gran Desierto.

Gloria Kay Giffords. 2007. Sanctuaries of Earth, Stone, and Light: The Churches of
Northern New Spain, 1530-1821.

David A. Yetman. 2007. The Great Cacti: Ethnobotany and Biogeography.


University of New Mexico Press, a Southwest Center Imprint (in chronological order)

Charles Bowden. 1993. The Secret Forest (with photos by Jack Dykinga, introduction by
Paul S. Martin).

Harry W. Crosby. 1994. Antigua California: Mission and Colony on the Peninsular
Frontier, 1697-1768.

David A. Yetman. 1996. Sonora: an Intimate Geography.

Virgil Hancock. 1996. Chihuahua: Pictures from the Edge (photographs by Virgil
Hancock, essay by Charles Bowden).

David Burckhalter. 1998. La Vida Norteña Photographs of Sonora by David Burckhalter
(with essays by Gary Nabhan and Thomas E. Sheridan).

David A. Yetman. 1998. Scattered Round Stones: A Mayo Village in Sonora, Mexico.

Virgil Hancock, III. 1999. Open Range and Parking Lots: Southwest Photographs by
Virgil Hancock III, with an Essay by Gregory McNamee.

Don D. Fowler. 2000. A Laboratory for Anthropology: Science and Romanticism in the
American Southwest, 1846-1930. 2000. Thomas Bowen, Unknown Island: Seri
Indians, Europeans, and San Esteban Island in the Gulf of California.

David A. Yetman. 2002. The Guarijíos of the Sierra Madre: Hidden People of Northwest

Rex Johnson, Jr. (text), David Burckhalter (photography). 2005. The Quiet Mountains: A
Ten-Year Search for the Last Wild Trout of Mexico’s Sierra Madre Occidental

Kathy McClosky. 2002. Swept Under the Rug: A Hidden History of Navajo Weaving

Herman ten Kate. 2004. Travels and Researches in Native North America, 1882-1883.
Pieter Hovens (editor and translator), William Orr (editor and translator), Louis Hieb (editor and translator).




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