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J.C. Mutchler, Ph.D., Associate Research Historian in the Southwest Center and Associate Research Professor in the Department of History,  works in the environmental history, cultural history, and material cultural of the Southwest and US Mexico Borderlands, with a specialization in ranching and cowboy culture. He also practices permaculture and sustainable ranching on his small off the grid ranch in Southern Arizona, home to national award winning Chiva Risa Goat Cheese. In addition to his work on public history projects, he has held a number of leadership positions at the UA including Secretary of the Faculty, Chair of the Strategic Planning and Budget Advisory Committee and a stint as Vice President and Executive Director of the Executive Office of the President under Dr. Ann Weaver Hart. He is currently working on two oral history projects, one centered on Chuck Bowden and another on border ranchers.

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J.C. Mutchler
Associate Research Historian and Associate Research Professor