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Rebecca Crocker is an applied anthropologist, folklorist, and engaged community advocate.  She has studied Latin American immigration for the past 25 years and worked hands-on in immigrant communities in California, Arizona, and North Carolina as a public school teacher, violence prevention organizer, and language interpreter. Rebecca earned her BA and MA in Latin American Studies from Stanford University and her PhD. in cultural anthropology from the University of Arizona, where she studied the relationship between emotional trauma and health declines in the Mexican immigrant community. She takes a multi-disciplinary and action-oriented approach to researching the nuances of Mexican migration, including emotional stressors, bi-national family separations, traditional disease etiologies and healing modalities, and death and disappearance at the border.  Her work has been published as public reports, in anthropology and public health journals, and has been cited in the Washington Post and Arizona Public Media. She is currently a Research Associate at the Southwest Center at the University of Arizona, where she collaborates on applied research and folklife projects with the Colibri Center for Human Rights and the Southwest Folklife Alliance.

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Rebecca Crocker
Research Associate
Telephone: 520-661-7635
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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