New Book: Elephant Trees, Copales, and Cuajiotes

Nov. 15, 2023
Portrait of Judith X Becerra and David Yetman, and book cover

A Natural History of Bursera

By Judith X. Becerra and David Yetman

The University of Arizona Press brings us this beautiful colalboration between Dr. Becerra and Dr. Yetman

Predominantly native to the U.S. Southwest, Mexico, and the Caribbean, the various species of Bursera have been prized throughout history for their distinctive aromas, medicinal properties, workable wood, and attractive appearance. Despite its extensive past and current use as incense in religious ceremonies, and its resourceful antiseptic ability to treat a range of maladies, no comprehensive book exists on this vital yet overlooked plant. Highlighting bursera’s importance and impact within the desert Southwest and Mexico, this volume will be the first book to describe the ecology, evolution, ethnobotany, and peculiar chemistry of the many species of Bursera.

Written in an engaging style, enhanced with two hundred color photographs, and complete with a compendium of species descriptions, this book will be an essential reference on a significant North American plant.