New Book: Testimony of a Shifter, by Emma Pérez

Nov. 22, 2023
Book cover and Emma Pérez portrait

In her new book, Testimony of a Shifter, our very own Emma Pérez delves into the prejudice and injustice faced by those who are transgender or are considered different by those in power.

Imprisoned by the totalitarian government, Dr. Benito Espinoza practices for his weekly interrogations by recounting his story to his thirteen-year-old daughter. He tells her about turning his back on his ability to shift his gender from male to female—to Alejandra—to become a scholar in the Grand Library. Most academics are Residents who inherited their seats and believe Descendants like Ben don’t have the intellectual ability to be a person of letters.

Ben conforms to the laws against transmuting, so he manages to secure a place in the library. His life’s purpose is to prove Descendants are as capable as Residents. But an encounter with a clever, beautiful Descendant leads to his unwitting participation in the rebellion against the Impresario and his White Guards. Soon the shifter is involved with the Rebels, trying to save a younger generation of Descendants and shifters from the horrific experiments and violence perpetrated against them. 

In a non-linear narrative in which “time is false,”  Dr. Emma Pérez offers a fascinating speculative novel about alternate histories, while pondering race, discrimination and transgender people.   

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