New Course: Introduction to Southwest Studies (SBS 300)

April 16, 2024
Robin Reineke and images of Tumacacori and Mission Garden


As part of the Southwest Studies (SWS) minor (but open to curious minds from all majors), the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers this Fall 2024 the course Introduction to Southwest Studies (SBS 300), taught by Southwest Center's Robin Reineke.

Prepare to be transported beyond the confines of the classroom as we venture into the field, immersing ourselves in the very heart of the place where we live. Get introduced to the physical and cultural landscapes of the US Southwest and Northwest Mexico through:
• Archaeological evidence of ancient Arizona history
• Histories of interactions between Indigenous, Hispanic, and Euroamerican peoples
• Modern multicultural understandings of space, place, and identity
• Interactions with plants, landscapes, food, films, and the region’s material culture
• Visits to local archaeological and historical sites, gardens, and events
• Multivocal narratives of habitation in the region

The Southwest Studies (SWS) minor offers an expansive undergraduate experience rooted in the intensive study of the peoples, places, and landscapes of the Southwest and borderlands region. Students minoring in SWS will develop a strong intellectual foundation and the practical skills to become engaged and compassionate global citizens committed to lifelong learning. 

By exploring the region’s diverse peoples, institutions, traditions, histories, ecologies, languages, and places, SWS students will be exposed to a broad range of topics and fields, as well as to innovative methods by which to study and understand them. With a focus on both social-scientific and humanistic inquiry, the SWS minor will prepare students across the disciplines to pursue advanced degrees and/or work in diverse fields, including education, city and state government, law, cultural resource management, planning, public health, social work, marketing and communications, nonprofits, research, philanthropy, the service industry, and business.

Schedule and more details about the course HERE.