Panel: Green Alternatives to Proposed Border Wall

As part of Earth Week 2017, the Southwest Center is sponsoring a Thursday April 20th forum on “green alternatives to the border wall” from 12:00 noon to 1:20 pm in the Haury Auditorium S107 in ENR2 on campus, between Park and Highland on Fifth Street. The forum will include world-renowned environmental visionary and human rights activist Homero Aridjis, who has served as Poet Laureate and Ambassador of Mexico; humanities professor, solar energy advocate and film-maker Dr. James Ramey of the Metropolitan Autonomous University in Mexico City; and Dr. Vasilis Fthenakis, Founder and Director of the Center for Life Cycle Analysis, Professor Earth and Environmental Engineering, Columbia UniversityDiscussion facilitated by Dr. Gary Nabhan, Southwest Center.

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HOMERO ARIDJIS has served as Poet Laureate of Mexico and was co-founder of the Committee of 100, an art/environment collaborative that speaks out about environmental and human rights concerns in Latin America and elsewhere. Twice the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, Aridjis has taught at Columbia University, NYU, and the University of Indiana. He has served as Mexican ambassador to the Netherlands and Switzerland. Aridjis has been elected President of International PEN twice, and has received the John Hay Award from Orion magazine.

JAMES RAMEY (Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2007) is Professor of Humanities with tenure at the Metropolitan Autonomous University, Cuajimalpa Campus, in Mexico City.  He has been a member of Mexico´s National System of Researchers since 2010, and is also a documentary film producer. His first film, Echo of the Mountain (Nicolás Echevarría, 2014), is about the life and endangered culture of the great Huichol Indian artist, Santos de la Torre; the film won many festival prizes, including top honors at Guadalajara, DocsDF, Lima, and Chicago. Ramey's diverse research interests include posthumanist theory, literature, film, entomology, indigenous cultures, and solar energy.   
VASILIS FTHENAKIS (Ph D..New York University, 1991) is the Head of the National Photovoltaic Environmental Research Center, since 2002.  He leads international collaborations on life cycle assessment (LCA), and is associatyedc with the Brookhaven Laboratory as well. Fthenakis specializes in the area of photovoltaics (PV) and the environment.  He has led the U.S. and to a certain degree the European PV industries onto a pathway of sustainable development.  He identified potential barriers in PV commercialization and proactively conducted research that resolved concerns associated with rapid growth of the PV market. 



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